Breast Cancer Resources


Patient Advocate Foundation

Provides patient services, eliminating obstacles in access to access care and treatment. Supporting Stage III and Stage IV breast cancer patients, this financial fund provides a $600 grant specifically to cover various non-medical related expenses connected to treatment, including transportation assistance, food, utilities, housing expenses or pre-burial expenses.


Hope Abounds

Provides resources and encouragement through their one-to-one support program. For people with newly diagnosed cancer who are receiving chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.


The Pink Fund

Provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients in active treatment to pay utility bills, mortgage or rent, car insurance, and health insurance premiums.


Pretty in Pink Foundation

Raleigh, NC organization that provides financial assistance for medical expenses such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, co-pays, coinsurance, insurance premiums and deductibles, and COBRA premiums. Only available for breast cancer patients living in NC.


Remember Betty

Provides financial support to breast cancer patients and survivors. Applications accepted monthly, 1st-7th.


Women’s Cancer Fund

$250 grant for rent or utility assistance to women with cancer experiencing financial burden.



Provides limited financial and copay assistance for cancer-related costs such as transportation and childcare. Call 800-813-HOPE (4673) to speak with a CancerCare social worker for a brief interview.


Breast Cancer Assistance Fund

Assistance with non-medical costs and living expenses during treatment. Must have liquid assets of less than $5000.


Provision Project

Provides funding for both medical and general living expenses. For people undergoing active treatment for breast cancer. Online application opens monthly, 1st – 10th


Carolina East Foundation

Provides up to $1000 through their Patient Assistance Program for residents of Craven, Jones, Onslow, Pamlico, Carteret counties receiving cancer treatment.


Pink Daisy Project

Provides short term assistance in the form of gift cards for women under 45 who are within three months of breast cancer treatment or reconstruction due to breast cancer.


Nurses House

Dedicated to helping Registered Nurses in need. Offers assistance with housing expenses and medical expenses to RNs who are seriously ill, injured, disabled or facing other dire circumstances.


Hope Chest for Women

For women with breast and gynecological cancer. Offers financial assistance for both medical and non-medical expenses, along with information on community resources, education on cancer prevention, and emotional support.


Bikers Against Breast Cancer

National organization that provides grants to people with breast cancer.


Family Reach

Provides financial education and assistance with everyday expenses such as mortgage or rent, utilities, auto payments or repairs, childcare, treatment-related travel, etc.


Touching Hearts Program

The Touching Hearts program helps women facing cancer get to the treatment they need.


Mother’s Grace

Providing individual assistance to mothers & children in immediate need of resources while experiencing devastating life events or crisis. This help can include payment of rent, utility bills, medications or any other ancillary service that may support them during their time of need.


Genevieve’s Helping Hands Charity

Grant to pay for 3-night stay at a local hotel for a patient and caregiver during treatment for the purposes of respite and recovery. Also includes meal stipend. Patient must be a mother age 40 or younger caring for at least one child under the age of 18.


Allyson Whitney

Life Interrupted Grants cover a wide range of needs including (but not limited to) medical bills, rent, utilities, car and health insurance premiums, IVF treatments, travel expenses, and medical hair pieces. For rare cancer only (including breast cancer under 30 y.o.) Application expected to open June 2020.



Provides grants for education and professional development, health & wellness, and everyday expenses such as car insurance, rent or mortgage, and other one-time purchases. Must be a cancer survivor between the ages of 21 and 39. Expected to open July 2021


Sisters Network

Committed to increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in the African American community by generating awareness, providing access to information and resources, and supporting research efforts.


Patient Power

Patient Power® is devoted to supporting cancer patients, care partners and their loved ones through education and advocacy—empowering them to get the right treatment at the right time, while engaging the best healthcare team possible. Patient Power interviews top medical experts and researchers to offer the most current findings and information, as well as personal accounts from dedicated advocates and inspiring, knowledgeable patients.



AceCancer seeks to leverage the advances in technology and the electronic health record to help empower patients to be their best advocates. You can use their tools to Monitor medications and symptoms, share personalized insights to keep your doctor and caregivers informed, and print out reports for your doctor.



You don’t need to face hereditary cancer alone. Let FORCE support and empower you! FORCE offers education, peer navigation, support meetings, message boards, insurance information, and more.


Surviving Breast Cancer

Surviving Breast Cancer provides free educational and support programs for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. They offer weekly workshops that focus on quality of life, mental and emotional well being, as well as virtual support groups for early stage, late stage, children, and caregivers. You can find additional support and education on the Surviving Breast Cancer App, and on their podcast, Breast Cancer Conversations. Get in touch at info@survivingbreastcancer.org



Mesothelioma.net is an advocacy and support group dedicated to providing all the latest in cancer research, treatment, and aid. At their site, you can learn more about the discoveries made on the links between asbestos exposure and breast cancer.



Launched in 2002 for patients with cancer, survivors and their caregivers, CURE® Media Group’s flagship magazine and online resource provide access to leading resources and information that serve as a guide to every stage of the cancer experience.



Provides advice and resources for seniors diagnosed with cancer in order to help seniors and their family members make informed decisions regarding their living environment following diagnosis.

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